Entrepreneurship Coach in India – Anand Munshi

Anand Munshi May 18, 2018

Symbiosis Entrepreneurship Development Session by Anand Munshi

Entrepreneurship today is not just the business of big businesses only. The opportunity is very much available for an individuals with guts of enter newer avenues of independence and flair to get the best of them. But the motto remains one – adding value to the life of people with their products and services in a cost effective manner.

It is not at all necessary to have rich resources of money, establish business links etc. but definitely needs lots of resourcefulness in form of vision, competency and ability to sustain the pressure of market and fulfilling the ever-changing demands of customers. While at one hand it throws never before options for growth and financial independence which were limited to rich and few elite sections of society before but it has put lots of emphasis on personal and professional effectiveness of individuals.

The EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program) funded by Modi government at SIMS was focused on highlighting emerging and dormant treasures which next generation of entrepreneurs can tap on. Self-discipline, conviction and making simple and cost-effective products and services for masses. While good part of the session was focused on overcoming and managing the challenges during entrepreneurship journey from sustenance to expansion, the dominant theme revolve around – are you the right person to be an entrepreneur?