One thing Now India’s Young Entrepreneur Have That’ll Beat US Innovation Wheel

Anand Munshi June 7, 2019

DY Patil - MBA Student Induction by Motivational Speaker Anand Munshi

Positivity, energetic and ready to accept challenges are some of the moods of the students. Leaving their comfort zones, developing collaborating learning some of the sacrifices they are ready to offer. All they wanted is Meaningful success. One thing where India’s entrepreneur edge over US is ability and need to have cost-effective innovation programs. This was the same mood in the room where students from over 25 cities and over 7 states meet to start their two year MBA program – but they had only one purpose – getting ready for future.

The atmosphere in the room on 3rd June was just electric! I couldn’t see 60 students but 60 unparalleled dreams – looking to decorate their life with dynamism and international exposure. They filled with energy; just need guidance which was delivered. They had courage but needed experience which was shared. They looking to prove their mettel to whole world – which they’ll be trained to showcase in next two years.

Yes, once again, happy to conduct one more engaging and empowering session for young MBA Students at DY Patil University. It is wonderful experience to play pivotal role in shaping the life of future entrepreneur – promoting innovation and creativity.

Anand Munshi - Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach in India

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