Opportunity will always remain challenge unless you have courage to convert it into possibility

Anand Munshi March 20, 2019

What Bill Gates & Steve Jobs saw was not much different except they just had courage to convert challenge into possibilities to do good for vast majority of people? Definitely, the world would have gone for few more decades without Microsoft and technology could have waited little longer to address the growing need of smart phone. But they took ownership to address pain of people and build world’s biggest modern day business empire of success.

Now what is that one thing in your personal and professional life that needs courage of newer thinking and bolder actions? People often get paralyzed with Think BIG, Start BIGGER but Act NEVER. Instead taking immediate actions even if a small one and go in right direction.

Most gifts of opportunities are tightly wrapped with cover of hardships. But if you wait long enough and have faith strong enough then insurmountable problems can be solved.

ANAND MUNSHI | Motivational Speaker & Success Coach

Anand Munshi - Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach in India